169-Because of the poor sanitation during the Middle Ages, ………… .

A)skin diseases have since become much less common

B)boiling all drinking water is one precaution against the disease

C)some people tried to be clean, but most were very dirty

D)typhoid epidemics are common in developing countries

E)many people died from infectious diseases, such as cholera

170-In view of the fact that he had just recovered from tuberculosis, ……… .

A)he had been left very weak by the disease

B)it hasn’t been a very severe attack anyway

C)and also he was not naturally very strong

D)he performed surprisingly well in the race

E)he appears to be extremely cheerful

171-Whatever the final result, ………… .

A)we can be proud that we have done our best

B)it is a shame that we lost after playing so well

C)there is a good chance that we might win

D)both sides play so well that it is difficult to predict

E)we’ll either win the match or lose it by a small margin

172-…………, he had been unemployed for many months.

A)Before he found a job as an engineer

B)As he has finally managed to get a job interview

C)Although the company he worked for went bankrupt

D)As soon as he’d heard about the result of the interview

E)During the entire time he worked as an accountant

173-We can always start our journey without him……… .

A)even if the car hadn’t suddenly stopped working

B)as he’ has been looking forward to it for a long time

C)whereas he is usually late anyway

D)so making a new plan didn’t prove too difficult

E)if he is late again after all our warnings

174-Having searched everywhere in the house for her lost bracelet, ………….. .

A)she finally remembered that she had left it at her friend’s

B)her father had given it to her for her birthday

C)there was a possibility that her sister might have borrowed it

D)it was a really nice silver bracelet, hand-made in India

E)it had somehow got stuck down the back of the sofa

175-………, and he should also be considerate of his co-workers.

A)There was a man who worked here last year who was always late for work

B)People should always phone in ‘and let the boss know if they are sick

C)Because a lot of people must work together in a confined area

D)A good employee should always be punctual

E)An employee who expects others to do his work can be very unpleasant

176-Even though there is no way to know what the future will bring, …………. .

A)it’s been interpreted by many as an unforeseen disaster

B)no one can even be sure of what will happen tomorrow

C)making predictions can sometimes cause frustration as well

D)we can protect ourselves from disasters by taking certain precautions

E)fortune tellers actually make up all their predictions

177-You can only practise as a doctor……… .

A)whereas you have completed your medical studies

B)after you have completed your studies and served your internship

C)if you hadn’t quit medical school for the sake of acting

D)although you have been studying for years now

E)indeed it takes years and years of study and, lots of energy

178-……….., considering the poor workmanship and the inferior materials used.

A)There has been a church on the site since the 9th century

B)Susie’s genuine Ming vase fetched less than expected

C)Buckingham Palace was rebuilt in 1703

D)The new bridge will connect Zealand with the Danish mainland

E.)It is hardly surprising that the building collapsed

179-………., the US Declaration of Independence has served as a model for many later documents.

A)Once the Declaration had been adopted

B)Representatives from each of the original 13 colonies

C)Signed on 4 July, 1776

D)When the colonies fought a War of Independence

E)Even before the French Revolution

180-………, labour-intensive industries are more practical than capital-intensive ones.

A)Since Bangladesh is a poor country with a large population

B)Bangladesh, most of which is at low elevations

C)Though there is no shortage of labour in a country like Bangladesh

D)While the country is Inhabited almost entirely by people who speak the Bengali language

E)As the extensive river systems were fundamental to the nation’s economy

181-Dissatisfied with the quality of’ the education he was getting, ……….. .

A)the college was obviously not a very good one

B)he decided to transfer to a better college

C)if only he had listened to his parents and gone to a better college

D)there were plenty of other colleges around to choose from

E)but it was the best that was offered in such a small town

182-…………unless all sides strictly obey the conditions.

A)The new peace plan will certainly succeed

B)The talks would not have been a success

C)One of the groups boycotted the talks and another left in disgust

D)There is no chance of the peace plan succeeding

E)There do not seem to be any problems with the new plan

Answer Key: 169E 170D 171A 172A 173E 174A 175D 176D 177B 178E 179C 180A 181B 182C